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Vá de Táxi (former Taxijá)


NEW APP VÁ DE TÁXI, A MERGER BETWEEN TAXIJÁ UOL AND VÁ DE TÁXI BY PORTO SEGURO.【 Attention 】Continuous use of GPS in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
【Description】Porto Seguro and UOL got together to enhance your experience in calling a taxi. Now the apps Vá de Táxi and Taxijá are one.
Vá de Táxi is the taxi call app that uses technology to link passengers and taxi drivers. We believe in urban mobility and transport sustainability as a differential in the evolution of cities, always seeking to offer more quality services and benefits to our users.
The new Vá de Táxi uses PagSeguro UOL as the app payment system and brings all the security and simplicity for passengers and taxi drivers. Today we have more than 27,000 registered taxi drivers and 535 000 users.
With operations in several Brazilian cities, Vá de Táxi is pioneer in creating tools to call taxi, payment and corporate expense management.
【Features】• Convenience: Choose how to pay (in app payment, debit card machines, money and corporate payment);• Variety: pay with Visa, Mastercard, American Express (AMEX) or Elo (Cielo);• Safety: see the taxi driver data and track him as he comes to you;• Peace of mind: see the distance and the approximate time of your coming taxi;• Easy: add favorites and recent addresses to call your cab on a daily basis;• Free App.
【How it works】1. Open Vá de Táxi and wait for the app to find your location with the help of GPS and locate the nearest available taxis;2. Confirm your address;3. Choose the payment method (ex.: the payment app, debit card etc.);4. Track the taxi in real time;5. Wait for the taxi to arrive within few minutes.
【Go Companies Taxi】Vá de Táxi Empresas is the enterprise solution for companies seeking to ease, control and reduce costs in their expenses for corporate taxi rides. Look forward to the benefits our service offers:- Reduced costs with corporate taxis;- Speed and convenience when ordering taxi and in app payment;- Ride reports of your employees;- Organization by hierarchy levels;- Fraud prevention control;- No more worries with refund flow.
【Service】If you have any questions, compliment or suggestions, please send an e-mail to Your opinion is very important to us.
Update your app now and enjoy the benefits of this new version!